PS3 Console Game Of The Year 2013

The PS3 Game of the Year for 2013 was a real nail-biter. A lot of titles almost made it, and it was tempting to just count the ones released at the end of the year. To be fair and logical, we used Metacritic, took the critic ratings, added them to the user ratings (multiplying those by ten), and then calculated the average. The scores given, once again, are out of 100.

This time we are covering Sony’s PlayStation 3. These titles are a little more expected than their next gen counterparts, and were practically mirrored by Spike’s VGX 2013 Awards. If you’re curious to see what the next gen console winners were, click here for the PlayStation 4, and click here for the Xbox One.

The Inquisitr‘s PS3 Game of the Year 2013 winners are:

Third Place goes to BioShock Infinite (average score: 89). Arguably better than the first two games, this title put you in the shoes of Booker DeWitt. He is a detective who must figure out what’s going on after he visits what he thinks is a lighthouse to rescue Elizabeth, a girl who he discovers has an interesting ability. Booker is caught in a struggle between warring factions in the cloud city, and ultimately finds himself and Elizabeth pivotal to one of the biggest plot twists in gaming history.

‘Bioshock Infinite’ won Third Place for The Inquisitr’s PS3 Game of the Year 2013 awards

Second Place goes to Grand Theft Auto V (average score: 89.5). Trevor, Franklin, and Michael are all old friends who find themselves wanting something more, which inevitably leads them all back to the same path. GTA 5 is perhaps the first game in the series to be heavier on story, while still allowing the player to do whatever they want between missions. You can explore a massive map, or even try online gameplay and pull off multiplayer heists. You will have plenty to do if you decide to take this criminal path.

‘GTA 5’ won Second Place in The Inquisitr’s PS3 Game of the Year 2013 awards

First Place goes to The Last of Us (average score: 93). Joel and Ellie’s supposedly first adventure in a land of zombies and opportunistic cannibals is not only the best game for the console in 2013 according to Metacritic, but also features some of the best voice acting you’ve ever heard in a video game. This is probably the most fun you will ever have with an escort mission. Ellie proves herself to be more than just a typical NPC while you’re fighting off attackers and navigating a city overrun with danger. This PlayStation 3 exclusive title redefined what zombie games are capable of.

The Inquisitr‘s PS3 Game of the Year 2013 award goes to The Last of Us, the highest-rated PS3 game in 2013 according to Metacritic. If you’re curious to see what game won the award for the Xbox 360, click here.

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