PS Vita Console Game Of The Year 2013

The PS Vita Game of the Year for 2013 might not be something you were expecting. As before, we took the numbers from Metacritic, so our opinions have been eliminated. We took the critic ratings, added them to the user ratings (multiplying them by ten), and took the average. The final scores given are out of 100.

This time we’re looking at the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s portable console. Not a lot has happened for the PS Vita this year, but some shining examples of gaming have still come through, including some genres that otherwise might not have made it.

If you’re curious about what games won on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo consoles, click the respective names.

The Inquisitr‘s PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 winners are:

Third Place goes to Ys: Memories of Celceta (average score: 87). You play the role of protagonist Adol Christin, a man stricken with amnesia as he wanders the forests of Celceta. The third game in the Ys series to be considered Ys IV, you play one of three characters, each with its own form of attack. As you go, you can switch between the characters for a different attack, adding a level of on-the-go strategy.

We never expected a game like that to even reach the Game of the Year lists, so congratulations to Xseed Games for their game making it to our list this year.

'Ys: Memories of Celceta' wins Third Place in The Inquisitr's PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 awards

Second Place goes to Rayman Legends (average score: 87.5). Our plucky limbless hero is back once again, this time on Sony’s portable console. Apparently Ubisoft knows how to make an entertaining platformer, since this game has been close behind the Game of the Year three times now this year. Again, Rayman is proving that a side-scrolling platforming game can actually be a contender for gaming’s coveted title.

'Rayman Legends' wins Second Place in The Inquisitr's PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 awards

First Place goes to Tearaway (average score: 88). Tearaway beat Rayman to the top spot for the genre, according to Metacritic, giving us a quirky title about a messenger attempting to deliver a message to the player (spoken of by in-game characters as “the You”). You start out choosing between a male character, Iota, or a female, Atoi. You must navigate a world consisting of pieces of paper, battling enemies known as Scraps using the PS Vita’s various functions.

The PS Vita may be at the end of its lifespan with its PlayStation 4 connectivity not working as well as we expected, so anything released for it now will be rather sparse. Sony may need to either focus on their home consoles or come up with some incredible new games to revive the portable device.

The Inquisitr‘s PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 award goes to Tearaway, the highest rated PlayStation Vita game in 2013.

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