Rebecca Black Moves On To ‘Saturday’ In New Music Video

Rebecca Black Moves On To 'Saturday' In New Music Video

Rebecca Black is progressing as an artist — all the way to Saturday.

Three years after her viral hit song “Friday,” Black has released a follow-up titled “Saturday” that depicts what happened the day after her famous party in the debut song.

Rebecca Black may have foreshadowed the follow-up song a bit in “Friday.” During the song — which has since garnered close to 62 million views on YouTube — Rebecca gave listeners a rundown of the days of the week, singing “Tomorrow is Saturday.”

Well, tomorrow is now here for Rebecca Black, and this time the music video is much more polished. Instead of the cheaply produced video from the vanity firm Ark Music Factory, this time she’s got a sharper look and even an appearance from fellow YouTube star Dave Days.

The video has plenty of references to “Friday,” starting out with snapshots of the now famous music video. Rebecca even sings a line about “trying to get Friday out of my head.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted some of the other references:

“The song itself is a totally passable piece of Radio Disney-esque pop, but this time it’s the music video that deserves the brunt of the attention. The clip features a myriad of references to the ‘Friday’ video, including writing the word ‘fun’ on a sleeping guy’s face, eating from a bowl of cereal that has ‘gotta have my bowl’ written on its side and a car scene during which she sits in the front seat; our girl’s all grown up and has finally decided which seat she can take.”

The song marks something of a comeback for Rebecca, who on Black Friday posted a video where she re-watched her 2011 hit “Friday.”

“This could either be the best decision of my life… or the worst,” Rebecca Black joked as the video started. Then when the music video itself began she said, “I’m regretting this already.”

While it may have some work to do to catch up with “Friday,” Rebecca Black has another viral hit with “Saturday.” Since being released on December 7 (which was a Saturday), “Saturday” has already been viewed more than 7 million times.