Amazon Uses Steve Jobs’ Own Words Against Him In Lawsuit

Steve Jobs and the legal team at Apple want the words “apps store” to be converted for their private use to “Apps Store®,” but Steve Jobs’ own words may hinder that goal.

Apple recently sued Amazon for opening the Amazon Appstore for Android, a term Amazon has called generic considering there were various “App stores” in existence well before Apple trademarked/stole the term.

Amazon lawyer’s wrote:

“In press releases, Apple has claimed that its app store is ‘the largest application store in the world.’ In October 2010, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs called Apple’s app store ‘the easiest-to-use, largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone.'”

Very smart Amazon lawyers, very smart!

As part of any Trademark a company must guard all uses of their term, typically through lawsuits, however when a word is deemed “generic” that trademark can quickly lose it’s trademark designation.