‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Will Be 2016 Sequel To ‘Days Of Future Past’

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Will Be 2016 Sequel To 'Days Of Future Past'

X-Men: Apocalypse is the name of the X-Men: Days Of Future Past sequel already being planned for 2016 by director Bryan Singer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, announcing the next movie before the current movie is even out must be a new trend. And everyone must have time travel and apocalypse on the brain since Thor 3: Ragnarok would deal with similar themes.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is scheduled to be released May 23, 2014 and Bryan Singer is already saying the newer X-Men movies will be darker than previous titles:

“Although there is a great deal of humor, the overall tone is a bit darker than previous films, particularly because of the stakes.”

And what could be darker than a mutant like Magneto killing John F. Kennedy? (Talk about JFK conspiracy theories…)

Well, apparently Bryan Singer feels the mutants need to face an end of days in the form of X-Men: Apocalypse based upon a Tweet he just broadcast to the world:

For those who haven’t been reading comics for years, the character Apocalypse is Earth’s first mutant who is thousands of year’s old and transformed himself into a cyborg in an alternate reality. (Gee… kind of sounds like Dwayne Johnson in the Terminator reboot.) This X-Men character named En Sabah Nur was featured as the primary villain in the Age of Apocalypse series produced during the 1990’s, comes complete with superpowers like telepathy, telekinesis, and other abilities, and actually managed to take over the world in an alternate universe.

Considering that X-Men: Days of Future Past already deals with time travel this is probably just the logical next step for the X-Men series. And apparently Singer views this as almost a X-Men reboot since the events from the past movies will probably be overwritten. (And just wait… in 10 years they can simply wave the time travel magic wand and stage another X-Men reboot!)

We were already given hints when the X-Men characters Blink and Bishop were announced for X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Based upon the comics, I could throw in some potential spoilers likely to happen but I figure most people want to be surprised.

And it’s not like Bryan Singer is just throwing ideas out into the air via Twitter. In fact, 20th Century Fox has already confirmed the release date as being May 27, 2016.

So X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely going to happen. The question is… is this what fans want?