Quack Quack Meet The New Aflac Duck: Dan McKeague

Aflac has found their new duck in the form of Dan McKeague a 36-year-old radio sales manager from Minnesota.

The company fired Gilbert Gottfried last month after he made fun of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami situation, a firing that led to the company interviewing 12,500 “voices” for the job as the company’s newest spokesduck.

McKeague is a voice amateur who has taken several voice-acting classes. The father of three will soon be heard by millions of people around the world as he takes to various voice based ads for TV and Radio to promote the Fortune 500 company.

According to McKeague:

“I have long admired people who can act and make the most of their voice and have tried to emulate them,” and “I want to thank Aflac for the incredible honor of voicing the greatest icon in corporate America and representing a company that not only leads its industry but also leaves a positive social imprint in every community it serves.”

While not featured at this time in any national spots, McKeague made his first appearance on the company’s Facebook page this week in an ad spot titled “Pigeon.”