Jermain Taylor did not kill Anne Pressly

Brutal murders are obviously terrible, but imagine being wrongly accused of murder in a high profile case. That’s the online finger pointing at boxer Jermain Taylor in the Anne Pressly case.

Pressly, and attractive and popular local news reader in Little Rock, Arkansas was sexually assulted and murdered in October, with police reports indicating that she beaten so hard her jaw was dislodged.

According to the web rumors:

1. Anne Pressly was actually a man at one time and had a sex change.
2. That she was dating popular Littler Rock boxer Jermaine Taylor
3. That Jermaine Taylor beat her to death when he found out she was once a man

There’s one problem though: police have already arrested and charged Curtis Lavell Vance for the crime, and DNA evidence supports the charge, with police saying they are 110% certain they have the right guy.

Anne Pressly Jermain Taylor simply isn’t true.