Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 Lawsuit Over Satire, Beach Girl Photo Is Bogus, Here Is Why…

The Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 lawsuit against video game developer Rockstar is completely bogus, and here are the facts for why this is the case.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar over the beach girl photo, although the Kate Upton GTA 5 photo conspiracy theory seems to hold more water (it doesn’t).

But there are apparently other parodies of her infamous actions, as well. Grand Theft Auto 5 features a Lohan doppelganger in at least three scenes. One shows the maybe Lindsay avoiding the paparazzi, another takes place in a location very similar to where the real Lohan has known to live, and the final item somewhat mirrors her scene with Charlie Sheen at the beginning of Scary Movie 5.

That’s right, a parody of a parody movie in a video game. According to, a parody is “the humorous use of an existing song, play, or writing which changes the words to give farcical and ironic meaning.” So parody laws keep Rockstar safe from the wrath of Lohan there.

Even though GTA 5 is making a satire of her actual life, and not a particular work as covered under fair use parody laws, Lohan would have to prove in court she suffered from actual damages from the scenes depicting an alleged satire. A satire is when vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are “held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.”

And that’s why Lindsay Lohan’s GTA 5 lawsuit is unlikely to hold much water. Although Jon Stewart’s Daily Show may skewer Lohan on a routine basis, and isn’t getting sued because of it, Rockstar never explicitly defined this particular GTA 5 character as actually being Ms. LiLo. So that makes the Lohan lawsuit any even tougher case to pursue.

Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 Beach Girl Photo Conspiracy?

The GTA 5 “beach girl” goes by the name bikini girl and blonde girl among other names, and has become an iconic symbol for Grand Theft Auto 5. Some Reddit users even tried proving with evidence that Kate Upton was definitely the bikini girl:

Kate Upton GTA5 Bikni Girl

Although it’s possible the particular pose was inspired by Upton’s prior work, GTA V‘s bikini girl is really named Shelby Welinder:

“It’s nice to see all these people referring to me as a porn star and a slut. Quite entertaining to say the least. I worked for Rockstar and signed a release that said I’d be listed in the game credits.”

She even has an invoice to prove the Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 photo theories are dead wrong. So, yeah, good luck in court with that one…

And it’s not like there isn’t other Grand Theft Auto 5 doppelgangers in the game. One user spotted a GTA 5 character that looks suspiciously like Kanye West. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is featured in a parody social network called LifeInvader. The list of Grand Theft Auto celebrities goes on and on. Are any of them suing…? No!

Elton John said some tough words recently to describe Lindsay’s actions:

“Lindsay Lohan, unfortunately, who had a great career as an actress and as a recording artist, she had a hit album… Suddenly, everything has fallen to bits because of the drugs. Her parents were a nightmare. She has become a victim of success and she wants success, no matter how much (it costs).”

And if success is equal to money, then this Grand Theft Auto 5 lawsuit fits the bill.

In all likelihood, the Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 lawsuit will probably end in a settlement outside of court since paying the lawyers gets expensive. Do you agree it’s unfair to Rockstar for her to even bother with suing?