‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale, ‘Too Far Gone’: Who Dies And Who Survives? [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple promised that the midseason finale would be explosive, and boy, was he right. Not everybody made it out of “Too Far Gone” alive, and there was some intersection between how the episode played out and what happened in the graphic novels.


The first casualty of the episode is Meghan, The Governor’s surrogate daughter. While playing in the mud next to the river, she pulls up a sign that says “Flash Flood Area.” When she pulls up the sign, a walker emerges, biting her. Lilly, too late, realizes her daughter is in danger, and shoots the walker after he’s already taken a bite out of Meghan’s arm.

At the prison, The Governor gives Rick and his group a choice: Leave by sundown, or Hershel and Michonne die. Carl says he can take The Governor out, but Daryl tells him to trust Rick. Rick, like Hershel, tries to reason with The Governor and says they can all live in the prison together, but in separate cell blocks. The Governor doesn’t think so, and grabs Michonne’s katana, holding it to Hershel’s neck as his daughters, Daryl, and Carl look on in horror from behind the fence.

Rick tries to appeal to The Governor’s group as Hershel smiles. Rick has finally accepted that they can come back from the horrible things they’ve done. Unfortunately, his plea falls on deaf ears, and The Governor swings at Hershel’s neck. Rick yells “no” and shoots, hitting The Governor in the shoulder. Hershel tries to crawl away, but The Governor decapitates him, the blood splattering all over his face.

[Comic book spoiler ahead]

In the comic books, this fate is reserved for Tyreese, with Michonne killing him after he reanimates. But he’s still among the living for now.

[End comic book spoiler]

Horrified, Carl, Daryl, Beth, and Maggie begin shooting at The Governor and his people, and things quickly go from bad to worse as the two groups wage an all out assault. Michonne, whose hands are tied behind her back, rolls out of the way and frees herself by rubbing the rope against a car bumper.

In the middle of all the shooting, Tara drops her gun, refusing to join the fight. Lilly brings Meghan’s lifeless body to The Governor and, knowing that she’ll turn, he takes Meghan and shoots her in the head. He tells the group to “kill them all” and goes after Rick, who jumps out of the bus. The two men slug it out, but The Governor quickly gains the upper hand and begins choking Rick to death. Michonne comes to the rescue and runs The Governor through with her sword. She walks away, leaving him to suffer.

Alisha, Tara’s girlfriend, shoots at Tyreese, who is hiding behind some potted plants. Before she can kill him, she is shot in the head by Lizzie.

Daryl shoots Mitch, Pete’s brother, with a crossbow bolt. Beth catches up with him and tells him they need to go. Rick meets up with Carl, who kills some walkers, and they see Judith’s empty car seat covered with blood. It’s unclear if she’s been killed in the crossfire, eaten by walkers, or if she was saved by Lizzie and Mika, or someone else.

Lilly, who was against The Governor’s plan from the beginning, comes along and shoots him in the head.

[Comic book spoiler ahead]

In the comic books, Lilly shoots Lori in the back while she’s carrying Judith; Lori falls on the baby and crushes her to death. Lilly, distraught, kills The Governor and throws his body to the hordes.

[End comic book spoiler]

Walkers swarm the prison and Rick and Carl, who are separated from the rest of the group, head off into the woods. Rick tells Carl not to look back.

What did you think of The Walking Dead midseason finale, “Too Far Gone”? The second half of season four premieres February 9, 2014.