Backstreet Boys Love One Direction, Unsure About McBusted

The Backstreet Boys fellas apparently have nothing but the utmost respect for the One Direction boys. However, they’re not really sure what to make of McBusted.

Although One Direction is currently dominating the boy band circuit, that doesn’t mean the Backstreet Boys mean them any harm. In fact, Howie Dorough seems to think the 1D guys are extremely similar to the way BSB was back in the day.

In short: They think the group is incredible talented.

“Where they are is very reminisent of when we first started. They’re around the ages that we all were. Actually, we were a little bit younger,” Howie recently told Cosmopolitan UK during a recent chat.

Kevin Richardson added, “They remind us a lot of ourselves when we first started out so it’s cool to see them. We’re happy for them and we wish them tonnes of success. They’re talented.”

This isn’t the first time someone from the Backstreet Boys has discussed One Direction’s musical output. When 1D covered the BSB tune “I Want it That Way,” Howie D. said that the group “did a good job” putting their own spin on the song.

“It’s nice to see groups like that pay homage to us. It seemed like it went over really well,” Howie added. Not exactly a glowing review, but at least he acknowledged its existence.

According to Metro, Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell had a few words of advice for the boy bands currently doing their thing around the world. If they want to stay relevant well into the future, then they might want to make sure they don’t burn themselves out.

“It’s a marathon — you have to pace yourself. Having 20 years in the business is kind of unheard of. Don’t burn out too quick. Don’t work yourselves too hard where you hate each other and you want to split up. Your fans don’t want that,” Brian explained.

Now that we know how the Backstreet Boys feel about One Direction, let’s turn out attention to McBusted. In case you haven’t heard, this group is a combination of the guys from McFly and Busted. Although McBusted is presently all the rage in certain circles, apparently Kevin, Brian, and the guys aren’t too familiar with their work.

When asked about the super group, they responded with “McBusted?! Who? That’s a funny name though. It sounds like a McDonalds sandwich. Who are they? Hilarious.”

Are you a fan of the Backstreet Boys? Are you surprised the guys are fans of 1D?

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