Ashton Kutcher Celebrates Thanksgiving With A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Turkey [Photo]

Ashton Kutcher kicked off Thanksgiving by celebrating his love for Game of Thrones.

The acclaimed HBO series is presently beloved by almost everyone on the planet who has access to cable television or torrent sites. In fact, those who dislike the bloody fantasy are probably in the minority. In addition to being adored by everyday people, the show counts a number of celebrities among its legion of faithful supporters.

One famous face who clearly loves Game of Thrones is Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher. The guy adores the series to the point that he decided to dress up his turkey featuring a character from the series before sliding the bird into the oven.

“Haleesi gave birth to the dragon babies and now the Dragon has given birth to Khaleesi!” the actor wrote on Twitter. Take a look at a picture of his Game of Thrones-inspired artwork below.

For those who aren’t overly familiar with the series, Ashton Kutcher’s turkey features Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys Targaryen between the drumsticks. Her character is the mother of a trio of dragons on the HBO series. That tidbit of info alone should inspire latecomers to give the show a shot.

Although Game of Thrones won’t return until next spring, this hasn’t stopped people from discussing the series at-length. Neil Marshall, who is best known for the films The Descent and Doomsday, recently discussed what’s in store for the ninth episode of season four.

The director, who helmed the award-winning episode “Blackwater,” is reportedly back in the saddle against for another epic episode of the fantasy series. During his chat with the Irish Film and Television Network, Marshall dropped so details about his upcoming contribution.

“As far as I know the episode hasn’t been named yet but someone online suggested it might be called ‘Castle Black’ but all I know is that it’s called episode nine! It’s kind of the same as ‘Blackwater’, in a sense, in that these episodes are bigger than most of my films!” he said.

He added, “There are a few beheadings in there, as is my wont! We got to blow some people up, set people on fire and do quite a few high falls. There’s a lot of very physical action and a lot of fighting — sword fights and physical fights.”

If carnage is what you seek, then Kutcher’s uncooked Thanksgiving turkey lies below.

What do you think about Ashton Kutcher and his Game of Thrones Thanksgiving turkey? Are you looking forward to the next season of HBO’s acclaimed series?