Is Taylor Swift Dating Douglas Booth To Make Harry Styles Jealous? [Rumor]

Taylor Swift reportedly went out on a romantic date with LOL and Romeo and Juliet star Douglas Booth to make ex-boyfriend Harry Style jealous.

The latest rumors about the award-winning musician suggest she’s simply using the poor guy just to get back at the One Direction singer. Although a representative for Swift told the Daily Mail that the two are simply “just friends,” this isn’t stopping a handful of publications from buying into these questionable reports.

According to the International Business Times, Taylor Swift was reportedly a little upset that Harry Styles showed up to the American Music Awards last weekend with reality TV star Kendall Jenner on his arm. The website would also have you believe that Styles recently sent Swift a handful of sexy texts, thus causing her jealousy to grow to epic proportions.

One anonymous source said the whole evening was completely orchestrated to make the One Direction singer incredibly green with envy. As always, it might be incredibly wise to approach these rumors with extreme caution. Chances are they’re nothing more than tall tales designed to generate revenue.

The insider dished:

“Taylor’s date with Douglas was all about making Harry jealous, and she made sure that everyone found out about her night out. Taylor usually tries to be really low-profile, but for her meeting with Douglas she purposely chose somewhere that she knew would get attention. She went to one of busiest pubs in London and sat in the public area. She wanted the news to get out about the date because she knows it will make Harry jealous.”

Another source told Us Weekly that Swift and Douglas Booth had such an amazing time together that they stuck around until the restaurant closed its doors for the evening.

“Taylor and Douglas had just planned to have a drink, but because they were having so much fun, a drink turned into dinner! The pub manager took them to a back room, where they shared a shallot tart and soft-shell crab starters. He also ordered duck, and she got a salad,” the website recently explained.

If Taylor Swift didn’t want Harry Styles to think she was just sitting around the house moping, then this was the best way to go about it. However, keep in mind that Swift’s spokesperson said absolutely nothing romantic took place that night. Make of this what you will.

What do you think about Taylor Swift allegedly orchestrating a date with Douglas Booth just to make Harry Styles jealous? Is the singer really that petty?

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