Paris Jackson Doing Better, Remains In Boarding School

Paris Jackson is reportedly doing better following a suicide attempt earlier this year. After receiving medical treatment for her injuries, the 15-year-old was transferred to a therapeutic boarding school. Although she remains at the school, family members said she is responding to treatment.

The suicide attempt was blamed on stress associated with a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live. Paris’ grandmother, Katherine Jackson, filed the lawsuit, claiming AEG was responsible for the death of Paris’ father, Michael Jackson.

The teen was reportedly under immense stress as she was forced to testify in the trial. As reported by TMZ, the stress was simply too much. On June 5, Paris sliced her arm open with a kitchen knife in an attempt to end her life.

The King of Pop’s young daughter was initially treated in a medical facility. However, she was eventually transferred to the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah. The academy is a boarding school, which also offers treatment options for troubled teens.

Paris Jackson’s family hopes the academy will continue to help her overcome depression, which has plagued her since her fathers 2009 death. Her cousin Tanay said the teen’s “well-being is important” to the entire family. Her counseling appointments often include family therapy with grandmother Katherine and biological mother Debbie Rowe.

Mail Online reports that the teen will likely remain at the academy for several years. Although she is permitted to leave for visits with her family, the boarding school will be her primary residence.

The academy is in a remote location where Paris will be out of the spotlight throughout her recovery. Sources report that she is registered under an alias to protect her privacy.

Paris Jackson’s family is looking forward to a planned visit in January. The teen will be permitted to leave the academy for several days. Grandmother Katherine is reportedly redecorating Paris’ room for the for the special occasion.

[Image via Instagram]