German Shepherd Owner To Serve Jail Time For Abusing Animal

An Ohio man who viciously abused a German Shepherd for years will pay with some time behind bars.

The Middleton, Ohio man, identified as Jeremy Shane Temple, is accused of leaving Joseph, the German Shepherd, chained out in the elements for years.

Earlier this year, rescuers found the badly injured dog who is still recovering from the abuse it suffered at the hands of Temple, which left him starved and sick.

On Tuesday, a Judge ordered the German Shepherd owner go to jail, according to local reporter Rich Jaffe of Local 12 News who has been following the case since the beginning.

The story of Joseph has outraged millions, and even some in places as far as Southeast Asia have called for animal abuse to become a felony in Ohio.

In September, the German Shepherd was rescued from Temple’s home where he was found tied to a tree where he had been left for at least four years.

Ohio can suffer from extreme weather in Summer, with hot temperatures and, in winter, subzero readings. Often, meteorologists recommend pet owners don’t leave their pets outdoors.

A petition, which has garnered over 37,000 signatures, was started by support groups on in an effort to bring tougher animal abuse laws to Ohio.

“We need the court of Middletown, OH to send a clear and strong message that any animal abuse is not tolerated in our society. We ask that Mr. Temple’s punishment be commensurate with his crime, and that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” part of the statement by organizer Lisa Neary reads.

Joseph the German Shepherd’s current owner, Meg Melampy, says her dog is doing very well.

“He still has issues with his ears and he has to go to the vet three times a week at least. He hasn’t even started his heartworm treatment yet. From what I understand, that is going to be extensive and is going to be miserable on him.”

At his court appearance, Jeremy Shane Temple, the accused previous owner, pleaded no contest and was found guilty and sentenced to five days in jail, fined $150, and ordered to pay his dog’s veterinarian bill of $3,766.

Temple commented that he did not know the German Shepherd’s condition was so bad and thought it was only his “seasonal pattern.”

Joseph the German Shepherd’s original name was Toby. He was renamed in honor of the Biblical reference to a man left for dead and subsequently returned as a ruler, according to Examiner.