Celia Cruz Tribute: Jennifer Lopez Receives Standing Ovation

Celia Cruz, the late Cuban salsa icon, received a tribute performance from Jennifer Lopez at this year’s American Music Awards.

During the tribute at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, J-Lo changed costumes a staggering three times and, as well as singing, pulled off a complex dance routine in which she was even flipped into the air by a male dancer.

J-Lo sang in Spanish, performing an array of Celia Cruz’s songs and received a standing ovation from the celebrity-filled crowd. Even Justin Timberlake was caught on camera applauding like crazy to Lopez’s stunning tribute.

Lopez spoke to the AP in a telephone interview ahead of her Celia Cruz tribute: “I felt very honored and a little scared, I don’t think there is anything better for this year‘s AMA,” she said.

She spoke about the impact Celia Cruz, who died at the age of 77, had on the Latin music scene:

“I know that a lot of fans who will watch the show will know who she was, but we will also educate a lot of people reminding them of the impact she had in the music scene, not just in Latin American countries, but also in the United States.”

Lopez said in the interview that she was very proud and herself honored to be performing such a tribute:

“I will try to do something that will make her proud: “Her music was full of work and energy, it fills your soul and in your bones when you listen to it, you can’t help but dance, I feel like she made the world dance.”

She spoke about the loss that was felt by so many when Celia Cruz passed away from a brain tumor 10 years ago:

“When she lived she was a legend and with her death she simply became even more important. It always gives the impression that it was too soon to lose someone like her.”

Did you see Jennifer Lopez‘s tribute performance dedicated to Celia Cruz? If so, do you agree with most people who saw it that it was a stunning performance? Share your comments in the feed below.

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