Miley Cyrus Ditches Bleached Eyebrows In Time For Her 21st Birthday

Rest easy, everyone: Miley Cyrus decided to ditch her bleached eyebrows.

Despite everything else that’s happening on the planet at the moment, quite a few people seemed weirdly concerned about the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s bleached eyebrows. While they did give Cyrus a somewhat inhuman appearance, the transformation didn’t really alter the course of human history. As far as anyone can tell, that is.

According to the folks at Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus returned to the world of dark eyebrows just in time for her 21st birthday. To prove to the world that she was back to her natural color, the singer shared a photo on Twitter and Instagram. Curious readers can check out the before and after pics below.

Not surprisingly, quite a few fans rejoiced upon learning that Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows were back to normal. Check out a few Twitter reactions from her legion of enthusiastic supporters below. Fans can also catch the darker brows during her upcoming performance at the American Music Awards tonight (November 24). Tune in and check them out.

Unfortunately for Cyrus, this isn’t the only reason she made headlines over the weekend. According to Us Weekly, someone decided to celebrate the singer’s birthday by burglarizing her home in Los Angeles. The crime was recently confirmed by a representative for the LAPD North Hollywood Community Police Station.

“She’s extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen. She’s really shaken up about the whole thing,” an insider recently told the publication.

The individual or individuals who broke into Cyrus’ house reportedly committed the crime during the afternoon. The singer wasn’t home when the incident occurred. Since no suspects are under arrest as of this writing, an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Instead of dwelling on the depressing aspects of Cyrus’ existence, let’s get back to those eyebrows. Here’s what the singer looked like after she decided to adopt the bleached look.

Here are Cyrus’ eyebrows in their normal state.

Soooooo close to birrrrfdayyyyy time thank you @marcjacobsintl for my early bday pressie

— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) November 23, 2013

Check out a few Twitter reactions to the singer’s face below.

happy 21st to the most beautiful and talented woman ever. get drunk and dye your eyebrows back to normal ilysm @MileyCyrus

— kimmie (@pumpkiim) November 23, 2013

When people judge @MileyCyrus over her eyebrows and hair

— Kenyatta Kruetzfeldt (@fiercebaby98_) November 24, 2013

Are you elated beyond comprehension that Miley Cyrus dyed her eyebrows dark?