Is Miley Cyrus Is A Bad Role Model For Teens?

Miley Cyrus is too raunchy and therefore a bad role model to teens. This is according to Jo Heywood, a headteacher who runs an exclusive girls boarding school in Britain.

According to Heywood, teenage girls of today are being manipulated and receive the wrong messages from celebrities who peddle the message that, basically, ‘cheap sex’ is good.

Heywood, from the Heathfield School in Ascot, UK, said that girls should admire woman, not just for their looks, but more importantly for their achievements.

Here’s what Jo Heywood had to say about her views on Miley Cyrus and other similar celebrities:

As head of a girls’ school, I have long been yearning for more appropriate female role models for today’s young women. We knew what these sportswomen stood for: hard work, sacrifice and achievement. They were clear-cut role models for young women. A year on, I am not so sure that anything has really changed. I am more than a little concerned that some of the so-called role models young girls may look up to are giving them confusing, mixed messages. Fast forward to another example of how young women are being manipulated and confused by potential role models. Many young girls have grown up as fans of Hannah Montana. Hannah, played by petite and pretty Miley Cyrus, was the archetypal all-American teenager: a girl to look up to.A few years later and we find Cyrus giving a headline-grabbing and controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It does seem that Heywood has a point. After all, Miley Cyrus was a great role model for teens in her more clean cut days, promoting family values and a certain female innocence.

The new Twerking craze – which Cyrus is mainly responsible for propagating and promoting – doesn’t exactly send a great message to teens who are anyway struggling with their sexuality as they reach puberty and maturity..

What do you think about Jo Heywood’s belief that Miley Cyrus is a bad influence on the youth of today? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments feed below.

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