GMail adds custom backgrounds, recipient check failsafes

GMail announced the addition today of the ability within the service to change the background image to a custom theme.

Many users select themes for the email service’s main page from the available standards, but I always feel like someone is judging me if I have to open my email around them. (I currently use “Candy,” so my secret is out.) Now if you simply scroll to the bottom of the available themes, and click on the first box labeled “text,” a dialog box will come up enabling you to select an image from your Picasa albums or upload one from your own computer. (Be aware it adds the pic to your Picasa albums.)

I gave it a go with my favorite Jack White pic, which is honestly not super well-suited to the application but it’s my inbox and screw you guys:

Two other features, “Got the wrong Bob?” and “Don’t forget Bob” have also “graduated” from Labs. These two Gmail features avoid sending sensitive email to the wrong dude, in case the 15 second long “oops” window is too small for you.

Have you used any of the three new features? Will you be using the custom image option to brand your inbox?