Sexiest Man Alive Is Adam Levine, So The Scientists Say

So, who is the sexiest man alive today? Well, that question is of course subjective – as the saying goes: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ but according to People Magazine, Adam Levine is the king of sexy.

Levine is known and loved by many as a band member of Maroon 5 as well as a coach on the TV show The Voice.

Apparently, he has everything a sexy man needs according to Lisa DeBruine, a psychologist from the University of Glasgow who studies the psychology of attractiveness: “He seems to have it all for being a sexy man,” she said.

If you are woman reading this and simply don’t agree that Adam Levine is the sexiest man alive, that’s okay. You’re normal! According to DeBruine, woman are far more diverse than men in their tastes when it comes to who they find attractive.

Helen Fisher from Rutgers University, who studies love and attraction, said that people are drawn to faces which show high testosterone levels: “Certain features of the face are built by testosterone,” she said.

For men, those features usually include a strong, square jawline, prominent brow ridges, high cheekbones and and thin lips. Fisher analyzed Levine’s face to make her point: “Look at that jaw, it really juts out on the side. His brow ridges are such that he could probably stand in the shower and keep his eyes open.”

Interestingly, men with more masculine faces have fewer respiratory issues and also show a better immune response to vaccines. Not only that, but men who have high testosterone levels also have bigger sex drives, climax more often and give their female partners more orgasms.

DeBruine said about the way Adam Levine’s looks compliment his character: “He seems to have the best of both, he has masculine features but always seems really happy and smiley and not stern.”

So the million dollar question is… Who do you think the sexiest man alive today is? Is it Adam Levine like the scientists say, or is it clearly someone else? Share your opinion in the comments feed below.

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