Warner Bros. to Launch New Channels with Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh

The Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) is launching this September a number of advertiser-supported branded channels and will be distributed at Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo, and Veoh Networks. The channels will include TheWB.com and KidsWB.com.

The branded channels at Dailymotion.com, Joost.com, Sling, TiVo and Veoh.com will offer, free of charge to consumers, full-length episodes of programming.

WBTVG also announced the creation of its branded channels on AOL and an application in Facebook that integrate social utility into both TheWB.com and KidsWB.com.

I am more interested with the offering of free and full-length episodes. Just recently, Disney.com also announced that it will be offering full-length movies, featuring selections from the Wonderful World of Disney.