New York City Police Officer Mohammed Deen Nearly Beaten To Death In Videotaped Attack

A New York City police officer was brutally beaten in a videotaped attack that has left him in a coma and his attacker behind bars without bail.

The attack took place early Sunday morning outside St. John’s Express restaurant on Liberty Avenue. Witnesses say the two men got into an argument in a night club that continued outside.

The attacker, who police identified as 29-year-old Hayden Holder, repeatedly knocked off-duty officer Sgt. Mohammed Deen unconscious, and then repeatedly struck the officer in the head while he laid on the pavement. Holder also kicked Deen and slammed his head into the concrete.

A cameraman was able to capture the conflict, but missed the moment the fight started. He ran to the action to capture Mohammed Deen lying prone on the ground while Holder pummeled him.

Though the attack took place on a busy street in front of many witnesses, no one stepped in to stop the attack. The cameraman could be heard encouraging the fight, laughing and shouting “He’s dead!” several times. The video was later uploaded to Facebook.

Deen’s wife was also present for the attack, watching on from the car as her husband was nearly beaten to death.

After the brutal beating, the New York City police officer was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and placed in a medically induced coma. Doctors say he has bleeding on his brain and has suffered multiple facial fractures.

“We’re wondering how he’s going to recover. It’s gong to be a long recovery,” Sergeants Benevolent Association spokesman Paul Capotosto said.

An attorney for Hayden Holder said his client was drunk and doesn’t remember beating the NYPD officer.

Video of the attack on the New York City police officer can be seen below, but be warned that the attack is graphic: