Justin Bieber 'Great Gatsby' Parties Could Cost $3 Million If You Talk

Forget an inside tour of the White House. One residence that seems a lot more interesting, make that $3 million confidentiality agreement worth of interesting, is young Justin Bieber's Calabasas, California mansion when there's a party on.

Such was the situation on Friday night when the 19-year-old threw a bash for a ton of guests that, incidentally, included rap icon Snoop Lion and led to the police reportedly being called three times by neighbors complaining about loud music.

The result?

The world's most scrutinized teenager, and possibly the naughtiest, was named in a disturbing the peace report by a frustrated neighbor.

The report is being reviewed by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to decide if it should be passed onto the District Attorney's office.

But back to that $3 million.

According to TMZ, who obtained a copy of the waiver, Justin is so keen on keeping his business his business (which, if you think about it, is totally reasonable), that guests at the party were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The document states that guests at Bieber's party would be liable to pay him $3 million if they so much as tweeted, took pictures, videoed, texted, recorded, or gave interviews about the party to anyone.

The website added the penalty fee was "cheap" at the price, given that Justin reportedly had past agreements drawn up where breaches incurred costs of $5 million.

The singer's insistence on confidentiality may be a reaction to his recent Latin America leg as part of his Believe tour. On Nov. 6 a video was posted online showing the singer sleeping on a day bed in a Rio de Janeiro villa in Brazil.

It was filmed by a Brazilian model,Tati Neves, who recorded footage on her phone and was filmed without Justin's consent. Despite claiming she didn't post the video, Neves has since given a series of interviews making claims about the singer's alleged sexual prowess and physique. The video has attracted over 36 million views.

Sources close to Bieber's camp say the pop star did not sleep with her.

The star was later doorstepped by TMZ on Saturday, as he strolled around West Hollywood with his security team while returning to his car. Quizzed as to whether he was planning on sending his neighbors an apology, Justin rolled down the driver's seat window of his black Ferrari and told the roving photog;

"It was wild. It was wild. It was some Great Gatsby s**t, man."

Meanwhile, the heartthrob has just punched in a clutch of iTunes No.1 with his latest single "PYD," the seventh in his "Music Mondays." Bieber partners with R&B legend R. Kelly on the song which themes on intimacies in various locations.

Some time after the song's midnight premiere, the Canadian posted a comment on Twitter that he made before.

"all ive ever wanted was for it to be about the music. #PYD with @rkelly is out now (sic)," he wrote.