Justin Bieber Says Police Attended House Party Was 'Some Great Gatsby S***'

Justin Bieber's Friday party at his Calabasas, Calif., home resulted in neighbors calling the police at least twice in the early hours on Saturday to complain about loud music, and a disturbing the peace report being filed against the singer.

Some might think it an opportunity to pause for reflection. However, a certain 19-year-old took a more rock 'n' roll view when TMZ caught up with him.

The website has posted a video of Bieber being escorted to his black Ferrari by his bodyguards while out on the streets of West Hollywood, on Saturday (Nov. 16).

The teen star, who wore a white cap, loose-fitting blue T-shirt teamed with dark, baggy pants and sneakers, was trailed by a small group of excitable girls that he stopped and took pictures with.

Asked by TMZ if he was planning on apologizing to his neighbors for the noise disturbance at his get-together, Justin rolled down one of his car windows and said [against the sound of traffic]:

"It was wild. It was wild."

The singer added, "It was some Great Gatsby s***, man," a reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 classic novel, although given his age it's more likely he was thinking of Baz Luhrmann's 2013 film adaptation.

Bieber, who is currently on a break from his Believe tour, is said to have played host to about 100 guests at his home, including rap icon Snoop Lion.

According to multiple reports, neighbors in the gated, enclave couldn't take the noise coming from the singer's residence and called the police at least twice on Saturday. Some reports are quoting three call outs, while others state it was two.

From E! News:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office said they made two visits to the 19-year-old's Calabasas residence for loud music that was playing during a party.

During the second visit, around 5 a.m., officers wrote up the homeowner in a report for disturbing the peace, which is a misdemeanor. Police will turn the report to the district attorney.

TMZ claims the neighbor told them officers detected the aroma of marijuana inside Bieber's home, but that has not yet been confirmed by police and should be taken with advisement.

E! News writes police said that despite the noise, the partygoers were "cooperative" to deal with.

This latest incident comes after Justin's drama-filled South and Central America leg on his Believe tour which included a "vandalism" charge for graffiti along the wall of a disused hotel in Rio, Brazil. The star was also spotted leaving Centauros, a brothel in the same city. While in Brazil, the singer cut short his Sao Paulo concert after a plastic bottle was thrown at him.

Video footage of the heartthrob sleeping while he was filmed by a Brazilian woman surfaced days later, and was reportedly shot without Bieber's consent. It has since emerged that the woman, Tati Neves, has featured in a porn video which is to be re-released. Her claims that she had sex with the singer have been denied.

Amid reports of fan deluges at hotels in Rio and Buenos Aires and Justin's reported eviction from them, the teen incurred the wrath of the Argentines. At his Nov. 9 Buenos Aires show, he removed two Argentine flags that had been thrown onto the stage with his feet and mic stand and has been accused of "disrespecting" the national symbols.

However, in his later lengthy Twitter apology, Justin said he had thought the items were shirts and removed them so he wouldn't slip on stage. A criminal complaint has since been filed by a lawyer.

At his concert the next day at the same River Plate stadium Justin stopped his performance citing sickness. He previously informed fans via his social media accounts that he had food poisoning.

In addition, two claims by paparazzi of attacks by the singer's security team are now being investigated.

The first allegedly occurred in Brazil. The second, in Argentina. In the latter case, Bieber was filmed leaving Buenos Airies' Ink nightclub in the wee hours of Saturday, Nov. 9. His bodyguards were then seen attacking a photographer reportedly attached to the club. As a result, the guards were prevented from leaving the country and the singer's belongings have seen been impounded after the photographer filed a lawsuit against the pop star accusing him of directing the attack.

Justin Bieber In Fairfax, West Hollywood, On Saturday, Nov 17The singer walking in West Hollywood, Saturday, Nov 16.

[Image via MailOnline]