Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Talk About Divorce Rumors

Power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are absolutely not getting a divorce, they recently confirmed.

After several months of rumors surrounding the couple’s status, Hill and McGraw laughed them off in a recent interview in Las Vegas.

On Friday, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ended their Vegas show with a smooch, as usual.

Speaking to People Magazine the couple wonders why the rumors just won’t go away.

“Rumors seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It’s perplexing,” Faith Hill, 46, said “I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story.”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw say they are happy, content, and as parents of two teens and a tween, more concerned with their daughter’s busy social life than the rumors on the tabloids.

If you believe some of the headlines, you would think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are on the verge of divorce, but they discount the negative press.

Faith Hill says unequivocally, they are “absolutely not splitting.”

According to the report on People, during the interview Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were affectionate with each other, holding hands and joking about they’re supposed demise.

“We’ve been married 17 years, and since the first week we were married those things were out,” Tim McGraw, 46, said. “We don’t even think about it. The only time we ever think about it is (when we) worry about the kids. But they’ve been around it, too, so they laugh it off.”

The kids are Gracie, 15, Maggie, 14, and Audrey, 11.

Faith Hill, 46, says, “I don’t recall in high school ever being so busy,” after a recent phone conversation she had with her kids.

Between school, sports, and friends the calendar is packed, multiply that times three and it can be extremely busy for any parents, especially ones that are just as busy with their careers.

“It’s not hard for her to imagine!” Tim McGraw said of his daughter, Gracie, wanting to leave home for college.

In August, The Inquisitr reported on a piece in the National Inquirer which alleged Tim McGraw had cheated on Faith Hill with 23-year-old Taylor Swift.

Representatives for the couple denied the divorce rumors calling them “totally false and ridiculous.”

Since then a much more fit and sober Tim McGraw has been making appearances alongside his wife Faith Hill in Las Vegas.

Do you think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s statement will finally put the rumors of their divorce to rest?