January 20, 2014
China Hospital Ship Offering No Help To Philippines

A Chinese hospital ship is offering no help to the Philippines in spite of the massive damage seen in the region.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, China recently decided to do away with it's one child policy.

Now the country faces international backlash, and despite the Chinese navy hospital ship being named the "Peace Ark," there is no peace being offered to the Philippines, and indeed no assistance at all being given to victims of the Philippines Super Typhoon Haiyan by the Chinese hospital ship. Just last month, the Peace Ark completed a goodwill deployment to eight countries. Now the ship remains berthed in Shanghai, despite the devastation that occurred just next door. As the only state-of-the-art "floating hospital" in the world, the Chinese hospital ship is uniquely in a position to offer swift and effective aid to the shattered nation. With 300 beds, 20 ICUs and 8 operating theatres, the ship could do untold good to survivors, if it would ever arrive. Even the country's own media is urging leaders to send the ship, but as yet this appears to have made no impact.

China's initial financial aid response was met with open disapproval. Time released a report with the headline "The world's second largest economy off-loads insultingly small change on a storm-battered Philippines." Other countries are not being quite as stingy - Britain has sent its largest helicopter carriers to the country, complete with medical supplies and a pledge of $32 million in relief aid; the US has deployed two Navy ships, an aircraft carrier, 5,000 troops and plans to send the USN Mercy. Chinese media have even attempted to shame its leaders to take action, and it's been pointed out that Swedish furniture maker Ikea has sent more in donation funds that China has.

Admittedly, there has been tension between the Philippines and China, but many are pointing out this is not the time and place to air grievances. Michael Valderrama, of the Sun Star Daily in the Philippines wrote:

"China should realize that this isn't about politics any more, it's about basic human decency. The Philippines and China aren't exactly best buddies, but we're not sworn enemies either. If bitter enemies like Pakistan and India or Japan and North Korea can give each other appropriate aid and funding in times of need, then why can't the Chinese just give a little bit more instead of tossing a few dollars at us like we're a beggar that they want to shoo away?"
With a reported death toll of 3,600 according to the latest information, time is ticking and the world is watching the Chinese response.

So what do you think, is there any good reason that the Chinese hospital ship is offering no help to the Philippines?