John Gotti Jr. Stabbed In Long Island, Won’t Tell Police Who Did It

John Gotti Jr. is keeping by the strict Mafia code of silence, and even a knife to the gut won’t change that.

The former Gambino crime family boss walked into a Long Island hospital on Sunday night with a stab wound to his stomach, calmly asking to see a doctor. Gotti claimed that he was breaking up a fight between two strangers in the parking lot of a nearby CVS when he took an errant knife.

But that was all John Gotti Jr. would say. When Nassau County police showed up to interview the former mob boss, Gotti stopped talking entirely.

Gotti’s attorney, Charles Carnesi, didn’t have much more to add.

“I expect him to return my call at some point,” he told The New York Post. “I don’t know what happened because I haven’t spoken to him.”

Police sources say they doubt that Gotti was really just an innocent bystander who decided to intervene in a fight, but said they don’t have any other information to go on.

“He didn’t say anything to us so there was really no lead to track down at that point,” a police source said.

Police said they do have a surveillance camera at the CVS that they will check, and also plan to interview the store’s employees.

“I can confirm for you that the district attorney’s office is investigating, in conjunction with the Nassau County Police Department, an alleged stabbing of John (Junior) Gotti in Syosset on Sunday,” said Shams Tarek, a spokesman for the Nassau County district attorney.

John Gotti Jr. has gained a reputation for slipping through the hands of the law. He was tried four times on charges of murder and racketeering, but each trial ended with a jury failing to reach a verdict. Finally in 2009 the government announced that it would give up on its efforts to try Gotti.