Second night of Sheen tour reportedly not as bad

But could it have really gotten any worse?

Celebrity trainwreck Charlie Sheen may have bombed in Detroit in an epic and almost heartbreaking display of hubris, but it turns out his Chicago stop on the tour wasn’t ‘as’ bad. TMZ was there doing a “blow by blow” (heh, heh- blow. By blow…) and certainly damned Sheen with faint praise. But a large rejiggering of the show’s format coupled with what appeared to be a more receptive crowd gave Sheen a bit of an edge in the Windy City.

It wasn’t like Sheen was expected to win any awards for the spectacle, no refunds were planned in the likely event Sheen tanked, and pretty much audiences were out to see one thing. Some of the initial sucky material was removed, and a Q&A session replaced it- here’s an excerpt:

9:14 PM— And we’re back! Sheen’s got a fresh cig and talking about a party he went to once with Mick Jagger and Eddie Van Halen.

9:20 PM — Charlie says he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million. He tells the interviewer he pays for sex because he has millions.

9:25 PM — Charlie says he was supposed to be in “The Karate Kid,” but his dad told him to do a lesser movie instead. “My dad has great advice.”

The night concluded with Sheen reading a letter from one of his goddesses.