Charlie Sheen’s Detroit Show Met With Boos, Calls For Refunds

The “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option” tour featuring Charlie Sheen was defeated (Sheen wasn’t Winning) on Saturday night at Detroit’s Fox Theater when a standing ovation for the Two and a Half Men star quickly turned to boos and shouts of “refund!”

The show was doomed from the moment opening act Kirk Fox was booed by the crowd during nearly his entire set, at which point Sheen walked out onto the stage, gave Fox a kiss and said “Celebrate this man. I’ll be right back, I promise.”

After Kirk started the show at at 8:10 Charlie came out at 9pm by introducing his goddesses Nat and Bree who were sporting “Winning” t-shirts. Later Bree and Nat would burn a Two and a Half Men shirt on-stage.

Eventually the show would turn into Charlie Sheen presenting the crowd with an awful “Presidential Speech” style delivery with clips from his various movies thrown in for “good measure” as he ranted and raved with no central focus as the crowd booed the increasingly crazy celebrity.

At one point according to EOnline:

The next set piece on the video screen was “Stalker Vids,” a collection of random news clips, fan-generated videos referencing drugs and an animation of the “Call of Duty” video being played to Sheen voiceovers. “Winning!” All set to drum-and-bass music thumping.

Among other umm…highlights? Sheen played catch with a former baseball player, showed clips of Rocket Propelled Grenade to drum and bass beats and showed off various fan made and media made clips devoted to Sheen, the type of clips fans could have stayed home for and paid nothing to see.

At one point Sheen became so frustrated with the chorus of boos he snapped back:

“Park your voices for one second and pay attention to the man you paid to see. Tell the guy next to you to stop booing because he’s ruining it for the rest of ya.”

Remember that Snoop Dogg song “Winning” that I reported Sheen had recorded on Thursday? By the time that song played most fans of Sheen had turned on him, many people were leaving and Sheen so far of script that the show was a complete bust.

In a sad note (at least for Sheen), after the show was over the actor came out to meet his fans (about 500 stayed behind to meet him) and staff at the Theater had already started vacuuming the room.

When all was said and done, Sheen was #NotWinning in Detroit and now an entirely different group of paying Sheen fans know what to expect when he stops in 19 other cities to deliver his own style of “Winning.”

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