No “Immediate” Show Refunds If Sheen Goes Off The Rocker

Charlie Sheen may be selling out all of his one-man shows at the moment, but TicketMaster isn’t taking any chances that the off his rocker actor won’t end up screwing it up.

A recently acquired ticket from the Sheen show uses standard language to tell purchasers that they will not receive an immediate refund should Sheen decide to cancel an appearance or for that matter cancel the entire tour all together.

Check out the image above and the yellow highlighted section clearly shows that a purchaser is only entitled to a refund should the show not be re-scheduled within 12 months, just enough time for Sheen to get himself a bit of rehab and maybe some psychiatric help.

There’s a good chance of course that if Sheen misses a show he’ll never make it up and like any good rebate program there’s a chance many of his fans will forget one year down the road to request a refund.

Even the people working alongside Charlie have little confidence in his lifestyle. Poor Charlie.

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