Charlie Sheen To Chuck Lorre: Let’s Make Amends

Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre have had their issues in the past, and now the Anger Management star wants to make amends. Apparently Charlie Sheen wants to give the Big Bang Theory producer some ideas and is willing to bury the hatchet to make it happen.

The message was sent alongside a picture of an award that Charlie Sheen had won for his involvement in Two and a Half Men, an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without Chuck Lorre.

Back in 2012, Charlie Sheen had an issue with the way Chuck Lorre did things on the show, and instead of quietly debating the producer, he took to the internet and began trashing everybody in charge of the show. Admittedly, Charlie Sheen was one of the biggest reasons the show was popular, having won the People’s Choice Award for it, but he was handily replaced when Ashton Kutcher stepped up.

The Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre feud had ensued, during which Charlie Sheen made plenty of outrageous claims like having “tiger’s blood,” and coined the internet meme term “Winning.” He even sued the producer, a battle which was settled in September of 2012.

Chuck Lorre has no doubt seen his share of egos as well, even on a smaller scale. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the original three stars of The Big Bang Theory demanded more money per episode to continue with the series.

Charlie Sheen announced on Twitter that he wanted to meet with Chuck Lorre and his people in person to make amends and offer an idea that he claims the producer needs to hear.

Don’t start thinking Charlie Sheen has cleaned up his act quite yet though. Other tweets reveal that he may be violating a gag order by talking openly about the custody battle involving his twins. The language used sounds eerily like what he publicly said to Chuck Lorre after being fired from the show.

Could the issues between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre be over with, or is the Anger Management star simply playing nice for the moment?

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