Tim Tebow Ready To Give Up NFL Dream, Move Into Broadcast Booth

Tim Tebow could be done with the NFL for good, but the former Heisman Trophy winner isn’t ready to leave football.

After failing to catch on with the New England Patriots in the preseason, Tebow has spent the 2013 NFL season trying to keep in playing shape and waiting for a call when a starting quarterback gets injured.

But those chances have come and gone, and now it appears Tim Tebow could have played his last down in the NFL.

It isn’t the end of football, however. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Tebow is trying to get into broadcasting, with an exploration into college football.

It would seem a natural fit. Though he was often maligned as an NFL player, Tim Tebow still has a host of dedicated fans, especially from his playing days at Florida.

He was also arguably one of the best college quarterbacks of all time, leading the Gators to two National Championships while attacking defenses with both his throwing and running.

The NFL game didn’t come as easy for Tebow. Though he was able to lead the Denver Broncos on a dramatic turnaround in the 2011 season that included a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, he struggled with inaccuracy and failed to catch on after his breakout year.

After playing one season with the New York Jets and rarely seeing the field, Tebow was picked up by the Patriots but dropped after a dismal preseason.

Earlier this season it was reported that the St. Louis Rams were interested in Tim Tebow after starting quarterback Sam Bradford was hurt, but those rumors were quickly debunked.

“The NFL.com report that said the Rams were having discussions regarding Tebow following Sam Bradford’s ACL tear has now been debunked by numerous outlets,” RotoWorld noted. “If the Rams did think about adding the Tebow circus, they’ve quickly changed their mind. Expect another quarterback to be added to the roster as a backup to Kellen Clemens.”

A talented 2014 draft class filled with quarterback prospects may seal Tebow’s fate, leading to what seems like a logical move out of NFL football.

These developments led to news that Tim Tebow was considering entering the broadcast booth.

If true, the move would make sense. Tim Tebow always performed better on Saturdays anyway.