Tim Tebow NFL Comeback On Hold As Rams Back Off Interest

Tim Tebow will have to wait for his return to the NFL, if it ever comes at all.

News on Sunday said the free agent quarterback was getting a hard look from the St. Louis Rams after their quarterback Sam Bradford went down with what appears to be a torn ACL. Left with only backup Kellen Clemens and no practice squad quarterback, the Rams were reportedly taking a look at Tebow to fill the gap.

But on Monday those reports were quashed.

"The NFL.com report that said the Rams were having discussions regarding Tebow following Sam Bradford's ACL tear has now been debunked by numerous outlets," RotoWorld noted. "If the Rams did think about adding the Tebow circus, they've quickly changed their mind. Expect another quarterback to be added to the roster as a backup to Kellen Clemens."

Tim Tebow has been working diligently for a shot to return to the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots in the preseason. He has been seen going through throwing drills at USC early in the NFL season, and sources say he is committed to come back to the league as a quarterback as soon as possible.

That may be difficult, given his history at the position. Though he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, Tebow struggled with accuracy and relied instead on a crushing running attack to wear down defenses.

It was expected that defenses would catch on to Tebow after his first full season, just as defensive coordinators figured out the Wildcat and speed option after having a full season to study it. But Tebow never got the chance, as the New York Jets buried him on the bench during his one season with the team.

Team executives have also said privately that they fear the media circus that comes with Tim Tebow. Even though he has been out of the league for months, outlets are still reporting on everything from Tebow's Russian football prospects to his potential girlfriend.