Four Arrested For Burning Marijuana Dispensary Owner And Chopping Off His Penis

A gang of four people has been arrested and charged with kidnapping a marijuana dispensary owner, burning him with a blowtorch, and severing his penis.

The group allegedly carried out the vicious attack because they believed the man had money buried in the desert. 34-year-old Kyle Handley was arrested, along with Ryan Kevorikan, 34, Naomi Kevorkian,33, and Hossein Nayeri, 34.

Prosecutors say that the four people planned the kidnap of the marijuana dispensary owner as they believed he had cash stashed somewhere in the Mojave desert.

The plan was hatched when Handley went on an extravagant trip to Las Vegas with the victim and a group of marijuana growers. Handley was one of the people who supplied the California based dispensary associated with the victim.

When the group returned from the vacation, Handley passed on information to the other three people in his gang alleging that the victim was “extremely wealthy.”

The intricate plan to kidnap the man spanned four weeks as the group staked out the victim’s residence and followed him on a number of trips he took to the desert.

The group was mistaken in thinking that a large stash of cash was hidden in the desert. In fact, the victim had been making the regular trips as he was looking into investment opportunities.

Back in October 2012, the group broke into the victim’s home. Once inside, they found the victim along with his roommate’s girlfriend. They tied the pair up before taking them in a car to the Mojave desert.

The man was tortured by the group in the hope that he would give them information about the cash they thought he had there. He was beaten, burned with a blowtorch and his penis was chopped off.

Once they had finished their torturing they realized that there was no cash and that they had been mistaken all along. They left the man and woman in the desert taking the penis with them so it couldn’t be reattached.

The group finally doused their victim in bleach in the hope that it would remove any potential DNA evidence connecting them with the crime.

The group of four was charged on Friday with two felonies of kidnapping and first degree residential burglary. If they are found guilty they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars.