Scott Baio In Guest Appearance On ‘Sam & Cat’

Scott Baio made a guest appearance on Nikelodeon’s Sam & Cat show recently. The show’s star, 20-year-old Ariana Grand, said she loved working with the former Happy Days star:

“It’s just so much fun to spend so much time with him because he spent his childhood, or his teen-hood I guess, working on one of the biggest television shows in history of anything,” Ariana said in an interview.

She continued to extol the virtues of Scott Baio: “It’s just such an honor to work and hear his wisdom of what he’s been through and doing all the same things as me and Jennette [McCurdy]. It’s awesome, amazing having him here.”

It seems like Ariana was keen to glean as much knowledge and wisdom as possible from Baio during her time working with the veteran sitcom celebrity:

We said to him, ‘What was it like for you growing up doing a sitcom?’ And he was like, ‘It’s all I knew, I didn’t know anything else. I never went to prom, to homecoming, and fraternities. I didn’t have that, so it was all I knew really, it was fine. It was life, it was fun, it was awesome. So, it’s just interesting to see him talk about it and work with him and he’s amazing,” she said.

She added that working with Scott Baio on the show was a pleasure, as he was “so down to earth.” Ariana also spoke in the interview about the other famous people she has worked with: “Yes, [we filmed with] Laverne and Shirley too! Cindy and Penny were amazing to work with,” she said.

She continued to speak about how honored she felt to work with such famous TV veterans: “I mean, talk about sitcom royalty – just amazing to work with them, such an honor to have them on the set. And, to be a part of our show, I mean our show was so heavily influenced by theirs, so it was crazy to have them here. Just hilarious.”