Scott Stapp Of Creed Talks Christian Sinner’s Walk, Drug Addictions, And Suicide Attempts

Scott Stapp is famous for being part of Creed, but did you know that he also faced drug and alcohol addictions and even considered suicide?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Stapp isn’t a fan of President Obama and he even says Obama used Trayvon Martin to distract the nation from real problems in the country.

Creed’s Scott Stapp as come a long way. He’s had 11 number one hits and album sales exceeding 60 million. But after Creed broke up in 2004, he began an emotional death spiral that almost ended in his suicide.

But Scott Stapp says God began a redemptive work in his life and in 2012 he released an autobiography called Sinner’s Creed which detailed his downfall and restoration:

“It definitely wasn’t easy to get to this point. To get through the book, to get through this record, to get sober and clean, to bring healing and repair the chaos and the hurt and the pain that not only I experienced, but that alcoholism and addiction can bring to those that you love. It holds them hostage in the torment that it can bring to their lives, and through all the destruction that follows.”

Rehab has helped Scott with his drug and alcohol addictions and the Christian community helped restore his family, bringing them back together. The talented singer believes it’s a “miracle” he survived and he’s “now excited about what God’s doing in my life and what I’m going to be blessed to have the opportunity to do.” For people still held hostage in their addictions, Stapp says there is hope in the grace of God.

But while that part of his life is over, Scott Stapp doesn’t see music as part of his past:

“When I talk about the season being over—that season of all the negativity, the addiction, the alcoholism, the abuse—I don’t classify music and creativity as a season because that’s who I am and that’s going to be a part of me whether that’s professionally or privately, so that’s one thing that will remain constant.”

So Creed’s Scott Stapp has created a solo work called Proof Of Life. One song called Slow Suicide is a “direct characterization of what I felt for a time in my life — what I was doing to myself with what I was putting in my body, getting caught up in that lifestyle and that lifestyle becoming a disease, and it was slowly killing me.”

Scott Stapp also doesn’t believe that being a Christian constrains his musical talent or that “Christian music” has to be a certain way:

“I felt like I had no boundaries. I felt like I was 100 percent free to create the platform, sonically, exactly based on that moment of inspiration and not be confined to a box. I didn’t feel like, ‘I have to write music this certain way because that’s what I’m supposed to do.’ Mainly I felt that before because of being in a band and knowing how other people feel. To be able to not have those constraints frees me to just be the artist that I am who loves a variety of music, from hard rock to country to pop.”

Stapp reunited with Creed for a 2009 tour called Full Circle. He’s open to doing the same again, but for the moment he’s focused on his solo career. What do you think of his new music?

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