Mass Effect 2 Arrival downloadable content out now

Mass Effect 2 glued itself into my Xbox 360 for the best part of 50 hours last year, so today is a sad, sad day: the final piece of downloadable content for BioWare’s space ARPG epic. Dubbed ‘Arrival’, this episode is now live and available to purchase on PC, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live for around $7.

In this last nugget of DLC goodness, a deep cover agent goes missing in Batarian space after predicting an invasion from the Reapers. You step into the space boots of Matthew Fox look-a-like Commander Shepard to investigate said predictions and rescue the agent.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival features a selection of new research tracks, alongside three new Achievements/Trophies depending on your console of choice. From what I’m reading, it runs for around 90 minutes, a reasonable price for a movie-length piece of content, in my opinion.

[Via press release]