Moesha, ‘Moesha’ Star Marcus T. Paulk Charged With Kicking Girlfriend In Stomach, Punching Her In Face

Moesha star Marcus T. Paulk has been formally charged with domestic violence. As you may recall The Inquisitr reported in August that Paulk was arrested after allegedly kicking his girlfriend Andi Roxx in the stomach.

Following the incident the former Moesha star turned himself into police and was promptly arrested. After a short stint in county lockup the actor was seen leaving the station with his L.A. Dodgers hat covering his eyes. He refused to answer questions at the time of his arrest.

If found guilty of the crime Marcus T. Paulk could spend up to four years behind bars.

After the attack the actors girlfriend told TMZ that a verbal disagreement quickly turned into a physical altercation. Her ex-boyfriend proceeded to punch her in the face and then kick her directly in the stomach.

The actors former girlfriend admitted at the time to throwing some punches of her own. At the end of the day Paulk put his ex-girlfriend in the hospital and he ended up in handcuffs. Roxx got in at least one good punch to Paulk’s face, as he left county lockup photographers noticed a split on his lip.

Paulk has been officially charged with domestic violence and battery.

We don’t know at this time why the D.A.’s office took so long to file the charges against Paulk. The actors reps have not responded for comments at this time.

Paulk would need to be convicted of all charges to face four years in prison.

Marcus T. Paulk doesn’t have the Hollywood heavyweight appeal to get him completely out of trouble so we will be watching this case closely.

Do you think the former Moesha star deserves to spend time behind bars, even if he was defending himself?