Britney Spears Musical To Tell Story Of Jesus Christ

A new musical is using the music of Britney Spears to tell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The productions website Spears: The Gospel According to Britney describes the event as follows: “Not one word is spoken, and not one lyric is changed, technically making the musical an opera.”

The musical is still in development with two advance showings are scheduled for November 7 at New York’s Foxwoods Theater. The musical is still searching for a potential investor.

If the show moves forward it will not be a cheap production, after all Britney Spears’ songs are not going to be cheap to procure.

Spears: The Gospel According to Britney was created by Patrick Blute, 23, who writes on the musical’s website:

“These are Britney’s lyrics. These are Jesus Christ’s images,” he writes on the musical’s website:

“The Britney Spears you see is not Britney Spears. Remember that. The Jesus Christ you read is not Jesus Christ. These are manifestations. Accounts through the media, through the words of followers, of friends, of foes, of villains, of heroes, of liars, of biases. It’s a falsehood that people believe fame and fortune create happiness. That all ‘deaths’ receive a resurrection. I hope this project will show you otherwise through the power of listening and the power of forgiveness.”

The musical doesn’t just want to just capitalize on the fame of Britney Spears, the press release promises that it will “tug at the heartstrings of America’s lost twenty-somethings.” The shows creator calls the musical the “greatest story ever told” played along to the “great music ever written.”

Broadway musicals from time to time show us that pushing the envelop isn’t always a bad thing. Just take a close look at Book of Mormon and it quickly becomes obvious that sometimes a bit of fun with our religion is worth a night out at the theater.

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