Golden Dawn Shooting Has Neo Nazis Party Claiming Greek Police Let It Happen

Two Golden Dawn members were shot dead and leaders in the party are claiming the Greek police and government let the Golden Dawn shooting happen on purpose.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Greek government also came under fire in the case of the blonde angel Roma girl named Maria because they arrested a couple under the assumption they kidnapped the child. As it turns out, Maria was daughter to another Romani woman from Bulgaria, and that family is suspected of selling their child.

Golden Dawn is a Greek nationalist group with alleged ties to neo-Nazi literature and beliefs. Because of these allegations, the Golden Dawn party leader and two of its lawmakers have been charged with forming a criminal group and sent to jail. The Greek government also passed legislation last week suspending state funding for any political party accused of criminal activities, which essentially targeted the Golden Dawn party.

For their part, the Golden Dawn party strongly denies the neo-Nazi label and insist their political platform is based upon facing down years of illegal immigration. Golden Dawn won 18 of Parliament’s 300 seats in last year’s elections and is now the third most popular Greek political party.

But then, a “domestic terrorist attack” from a man on a motorcycle made the situation even worse. Two Golden Dawn members were killed and a third ended up in the hospital. Police said they recovered 15 bullet casings from the crime scene, and the type of gun is thought to be a 9mm handgun.

Golden Dawn lawmaker Georgios Germenis claims the Greek government allowed the attack to happen:

“The government stripped us naked so that we can be killed. We had received threats at that office, and we informed the local police station. They had plainclothes police outside the office every day until today.”

Germenis is referring to how the Golden Dawn shooting occurred right after police stopped protecting the office where the attack occurred. But a government spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, has already condemned the Golden Dawn shooters:

“The murderers – whoever they are – will be dealt with unsparingly by our democracy. Let everyone know this.”

What do you think about the Golden Dawn party? Do you think their claims about the shooting are legitimate?

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