Motorola: No Truth To Xoom Production Slowdown

Motorola on Wednesday announced that their is no truth to production slowdown rumors for their Xoom tablets. According to a rumor surfacing online, Xoom production was to fall from 500,000 units this month to 300,00 units in April with further slowdowns in May and June.

The company told Gearlog, “The Digitimes article is not accurate” and “Motorola Mobility will continue to sell and produce the Motorola XOOM beyond the second quarter.”

In the meantime, new Google Android tablets with the search company’s updated tablet OS version are on the way, including Samsung’s recently announcement of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which probably helped fuel rumors of the Xoom’s premature demise.

Have you picked up one of the 500,000 Xoom’s that have been produced to date? Why or why not?