Pamela Anderson Shows Off Short Hair With New Pixie Cut

pamela anderson

Pamela Anderson doesn’t look like Pamela Anderson with her new pixie cut.

The former Baywatch star was practically unrecognizable as she hit the streets in Los Angeles after chopping off the majority of her long blonde hair.

The actress hasn’t commented on her new haircut yet and some people speculate that it may be a wig. We can all agree, however, that Pamela Anderson looks pretty good with her new haircut.

The new haircut isn’t the only big change in Pamela’s life. The actress also recently announced that she’ll be training for the New York Marathon.

Anderson said that she wasn’t the biggest fan of running when she started training but that she’s slowly getting used to it.

Anderson said: “I started running, and I hated it. Of course, everyone hates running for the first mile… If you’re running two miles or 20 miles, it always hurts. Now I love it. I look forward to it. It’s really good.”

Anderon is running the marathon to raise money for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. The actress, who has already raised more than $40,000, said: “I’m running the New York Marathon this year and raising funds for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. (Can you believe it?). Together, I hope we can raise at least $500,000 and make a huge impact in this magical country…keep checking my page and Facebook and Twitter to find out about all sorts of contests I’ll be running from now until November-I will give updates on my training too. Please scroll down to see why I’m so passionate about the cause.”

The marathon is only a few days away so it doesn’t look like Pamela Anderson will be hitting her half million dollar goal. Still, doesn’t she look great with a pixie cut?

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