Ke$ha Discusses Her Perfect Man: He Must Have A ‘Big Weiner’

Ke$ha Interview

Ke$ha isn’t looking for much when it comes to a perfect boyfriend. Not only does he need to enjoy the outdoors, he must also be extremely funny and adore animals. Having a “big weiner” is also a definite plus.

The controversial singer revealed details about her ideal man during a recent chat with ABC News. During her conversation with the outlet, Ke$ha discussed what she needs from a potential suitor.

“I just want to find my partner in crime and my soulmate and I feel like we capture that in this season a lot,” explained during the interview.

If you’re hoping Ke$ha will reveal the name of the person who broke her heart, then you shouldn’t hold your breath. According to the singer, she doesn’t intend to release his name to the public. However, she did describe him as a “terrible, terrible person.”

“I’m not gonna put him on blast because I feel like he’ll do something equally as evil to me,” she added.

Ke$ha is known for saying all sorts of crazy things during interviews, though she told MTV News that she’s just being herself.

“I mean, I don’t know what you call it, it’s just my life. I have people following me around with cameras. I bring them everywhere. It’s my TV show. I want people to watch it and go ‘Did she do that? I can’t believe she did that! What a crazy b****!'” Ke$ha recently explained.

She added, “”I’m capturing amazing parts of my life; I’m going to India and I want cameras there because who knows what will happen. I want to stay on a deserted island, and who knows, there might be a pirate there, and that would be a bummer if I didn’t have a camera.”

Ke$ha’s wild and crazy behavior caused her recent concert in Malaysia to get canceled at the last second. The Inquisitr previously reported that the country’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia yanked her application over concerns that her performance would cause “religious and cultural” unrest.

However, concert promoter Livescape — who reportedly lost $350,000 over the cancellation — is working with the singer to ensure that she can perform in Malaysia in the future.

The company said in a recent statement:

“Livescape would also like to go on record to applaud and thank Ke$ha and her team for working closely with us and having agreed to modify the show to suit the Malaysian culture and sensitivities including having made adjustments to her song lyrics, wardrobe changes, and a set list that was modified to specifically adhere to the guidelines set forth by the authorities.”

Fans can catch Ke$ha in the new season of My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV tonight.

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