JFK Gravesite: Eternal Flame From Arlington Cemetery Goes Out In Emigrant Flame

The JFK gravesite at Arlington cemetery had an emigrant flame from its eternal flame go out.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a newer JFK assassination conspiracy theory claims a Secret Service agent shot John F. Kennedy.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and two Kennedy infants are interred at Arlington National Cemetery, with each grave marked by a simply inscribed gray slate tablet. The eternal flame at the JFK gravesite was lit by Mrs. Kennedy on the day of the funeral.

The burner for the eternal flame was a specially designed apparatus created to never go out. It consists of a nozzle and electric ignition system which relights the gas if the flame is extinguished by rain, wind, or accidents. The fuel is natural gas mixed with proper quantities of air to control the color and shape of the eternal flame.

But the system behind the eternal flame at the JFK gravsite apparently needed maintenance. So the original eternal flame was transferred to a temporary burner while a crew installed new gas and air lines, a new burner assembly, and new drainage lines below the eternal flame. This newer system is said to be easier to maintain over the long term.

The maintenance on the JFK gravesite was apparently completed earlier in the year but it wasn’t until October 29, 2013 when Army Secretary John McHugh re-lit the eternal flame at the JFK gravesite as part of an official ceremony. The replacement eternal flame was available to tourists at Arlington cemetery the entire time.

But in the same time frame the emigrant flame, which was lit using the eternal flame from the JFK gravesite, did go out entirely. This emigrant flame was dedicated to generations of Irish people who migrated to the U.S. and other countries, particularly during the Irish famine in the mid-19th century. An engineer says “it is a fact that with a flame like that as part of the maintenance anyway it will be switched off.” There’s been no word on whether the JFK gravesite’s eternal flame was switched off in a similar manner.