Ellen DeGeneres Bringing Lesbian Sitcom to NBC

Ellen DeGeneres NBC Sitcom

Over the past few years Ellen DeGeneres has been hailed as the queen of daytime television. With that accolade under her belt, it’s not a surprise that she would want to return to primetime now that she’s more than accepted on the talk show circuit. Before she was everyone’s favorite talk show host, DeGeneres broke down barriers for the LGBT community by coming out in character on her own ABC sitcom Ellen.

Now Ellen DeGeneres is poised to make a return to primetime television with a new lesbian sitcom for NBC. Instead of starring in the show, DeGeneres is set to produce the show with Liz Feldman, who is currently the writer for CBS’ hit comedy 2 Broke Girls. Feldman and DeGeneres already have a familiar working relationship as she wrote for DeGeneres’ show for two years. It’s believed that Feldman will write the script for the sitcom.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom is a multi-camera show that will follow a lesbian and her best male friend. The show will start with the woman becoming pregnant while her friend both meets and marries the love of his life.

For NBC it’s not that unusual that they would take this jump with Ellen DeGeneres. After all, the sitcom saw some of its most successful years when it aired Will & Grace. The show launched an ensemble cast with two lead gay characters, which hadn’t been done, and wasn’t nearly as accepted as it is now in the heteronormative spectrum.

It’s also not a surprise that DeGeneres has ditched ABC as a possible network. Just last year ABC cancelled the unique sitcom The New Normal, which featured two gay men embarking on the journey of fatherhood.

NBC could also use Ellen DeGeneres’ help as it’s been suffering in the ratings, and has scored some of the lowest numbers in the network’s history. Ellen’s new sitcom isn’t the only show it’s considering, as it was just reported that the network is looking to reboot Murder, She Wrote.

All you looking forward to Ellen DeGeneres’ new sitcom?