Paywall Time: ‘The Daily’ To Erect iPad Payment System Next Week

The Daily - iPad Exclusive Newspaper

The Daily was the first Apple App to offer in-app subscriptions, however iOS 4.3 just has arrived and following up on their promise the company is instituting a paywall with the release of that OS version. The company decided to give users one extra free week of use but have begun reminding those customers that starting in one week they will have to pay for the service.

Customer who want to keep the service will have to pay 99 cents per week, that number is rather small compared to the New York Times who will charge $15 per four-week cycles for users who want to access more than 20 articles per month.

The Daily will also launch sometime this summer in Western Europe (once iOS 4.3 launches) and they will implement a similar paywall system there.

$4 a month in my opinion is more than fair given the amount of content The Daily is providing to customers (text, photos, video), but it’s still unseen at this time as to whether or not customers will be willing to pay any amount of money when so much free content is available online.

[via 9 To 5 Mac]