‘The Daily’ Won’t Use Apple’s iAd System

an iPad only publication from News Corp will feature various big name publishers including Pepsi, Virgin, Macy’s and various others, but what it won’t feature is ads from Apple’s own iAd system.

Medialets according to AdAge will handle the systems adverts, even though Apple is working directly with News Corp. to optimize the project.

Along with ad news, it has also been revealed that ads will support 3D interaction in the same fashion the publication has promised, while many of the 2D ads on the platform will mimic a standard magazine layout.

As Electronista points out:

News Corp.’s decision may be partly to give it an easier way to port The Daily to Android or other platforms without having to resell ad space. Only an iPad version is known to be planned so far.

Now News Corp just needs to get their act together and actually release their iPad only paper.