Eli Manning Throws No Interceptions, No TDs In Giants’ Second Win

Eli Manning and the New York Giants picked up their second win of the season Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, improving to 2-and-6 on the year.

Normally, that is the part where sports writers would have said “Eli Manning led the New York Giants…” but that’s just not the case. While Eli managed to not throw any interceptions, he also managed to not find the end zone; the Giants’ points came courtesy of kicker Josh Brown’s career-high five field goals. Mind you, Eli Manning wasn’t the only QB in that game not to throw for a TD: Philly’s points came off a blown NYG punt.

It’s no secret Eli Manning is having a rough year. Minus the three picks he threw in the Week 1 31-36 loss to the Cowboys, he had a great game; 450 passing yards and four TD throws. Week 2 was the Manning Bowl against brother Peyton Manning’s visiting Denver Broncos. The 41-23 final score overshadows Eli’s impressive stats, throwing for 362 yards but only one TD. Then there’s the 3 picks. After that, it’s been downhill for the youngest Manning: 12-for-23 with only 119 yards and in interception in a Carolina Panthers shutout. Eighteen-of-thirty-seven against the Chiefs, 1 TD, 1 pick. Three picks against the Eagles and three picks against Chicago and Eli Manning and the New York Giants were 0-6.

That all changed last Monday against the Minnesota Vikings: 1 TD, 23 completions for 200 yards and a QB rating above 80 for the first time since Week 1. Most importantly: Eli Manning threw no interceptions. Yesterday, Manning did it again, 25 completions, 246 yards and no picks. These aren’t impressive numbers—they’re not Eli Manning numbers. It sucks when all you can say is QB Eli Manning didn’t give the game away Sunday. But it’s a sign of hope, something Eli Manning has never lost.

“We still believe,” Manning said via the New York Post after Sunday’s win.

Good on the kid. Despite everything being slung his way—and that’s a lot—Eli Manning hasn’t given up. “Will Eli Manning Ever Return to Super Bowl-Winning Form?” the Bleacher Report asked. Manning even received a bizarre letter from a Hoboken mayoral candidate. It’s to the point that Yahoo Sports felt the need to say “Criticism of New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Has Gone Too Far.”

Yes. Enough is enough. That’s what Eli Manning and the Giants have said these past 2 weeks. With those 246 yards, Manning overtook Phil Simms as the Giants all-time passing leader. With the two wins, the Giants are still in the wild card conversation in the disastrous NFC East.

Eli Manning still believes; do you still believe in Eli Manning?