Charmed Reboot: Alyssa Milano Not Happy About Remake, Fans Hesitant

Nathan Francis

A Charmed reboot planned for CBS has fans of the supernatural show excited, but at least two major stars don't seem to be on board with the idea.

After news broke Friday that the long-running show about three magical sisters would be returning as a CBS pilot, longtime star Alyssa Milano took to Twitter, expressing a lack of enthusiasm in the project.

Milano, who played Phoebe Halliwell in the series, said it seemed to early for a Charmed reboot.

"The thing about them doing a reboot is... it just... it feels like yesterday. It feels too close," she wrote.

Rose McGowan, who replaced Shannon Doherty at the end of season 3, also appeared put off by the idea of Charmed returning to the air.

"lame lame lame lamertons" she tweeted on Friday.

Charmed earned critical acclaim during its run and brought The WB some of its highest ratings. The first episode, "Something Wicca This Way Comes," attracted 7.7 million viewers, setting the record for the highest-rated debut on the network.

By its fifth season Charmed became the highest-rated Sunday night program in the network's history, and by January 2006 it was named the longest-running hour-long television series featuring only female leads.

The Charmed reboot will be written by Sydney Sinder and Chris Keyser, who served as executive producer on Party of Five and Lone Star.

There was no word if the producers plan to reach out to the show's original stars to play roles, but it seems they can cross McGowan and Milano off the list.

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