October 25, 2013
Will Smith Signs On For Supernatural Film 'Selling Time'

While we're still trying to figure out if Will Smith will be in Independence Day 2, we can at least rest assured that we'll be seeing a lot of Will Smith in the future, regardless of whether he's in the new action sequel.

In fact, news is breaking that Will Smith will be starring in a supernatural vehicle. The film is called Selling Time, and is owned by 20th Century Fox. Although The Wrap couldn't get a comment from Smith's rep on the breaking news, this looks to be a solid project for the Men In Black actor.

Right now nothing is official, but Will Smith is in talks for the film, and if he's entertaining talks, then that's one move in the right direction. However, this isn't the only time that Smith was attached to star in Selling Time. He was reportedly attached to star in the supernatural film years ago, but at the time it conflicted with other projects.

Selling Time centers around a man who is given the opportunity to relive the worst day of his life. The catch is the man needs to turn over seven years off from his life expectancy. The last time Will Smith decided to do a sci fi film was After Earth, which proved to be a colossal failure. Since then Smith has kept himself busy. Currently he's producing via his Overbrook production company. His latest project is producing the Annie reboot which stars Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne, and Quvenzhane Wallis as little orphan Annie.

As far as After Earth, Smith has taken it in stride, having told Jimmy Kimmel about his first box office bomb:

"You get the [box office] information moment by moment. Someone is calling you every hour and I was like, 'Uh oh.' I felt like a fighter. It's been over two decades since I've had a movie that wasn't at number one. …That's over now, buddy! Thanks!"

Are you excited to see Will Smith in a supernatural film?

[Image credit: Kaliva / Shutterstock.com]