Tori Spelling Broke, Husband Can’t Afford A Vasectomy

Tori Spelling is broke, and she has revealed that her family’s current financial plight is so dire her husband, Dean, can’t even afford a vasectomy.

Spelling has four children with Dean McDermott, and she has revealed that their glamorous and extravagant lifestyle has come back to haunt the family as they now can’t afford his operation.

Tori and Dean were advised by their financial advisor that they would be unable to proceed with the 46-year-old’s surgery.

According to Spelling, their current dilemma is down to her former frivolous lifestyle which even saw them spend an extortionate amount of money on clothes for their children.

Spelling has admitted that they are now forced to pass down their oldest child’s clothes to their other infants.

Talking to People, Tori stated, “I haven’t bought a purse in three years. And it’s fine. I look back on that girl who shopped at Gucci in my 20s and I can’t even relate. I can’t believe I thought it was important.”

Spelling admits to her family’s economical problems in her new book, The High Life, writing, “It’s no mystery why I have money problems. I grew up rich beyond anyone’s dreams. I never knew anything else. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle I can’t seem to let go of my expensive tastes.”

She then added, “And then there’s my shopping problem. I’ve bought ridiculous amounts of stuff for the kids, clothing, toys, crafts.”

Spelling did confide that she only has herself to blame, stating that she has repeatedly splashed a tremendous amount of money on various holiday, and the family even used to regularly upgrade their hotels at her insistence.

“I can’t afford to live like this anymore,” confirmed Spelling. “They say admitting the problem is the first step.”

The Spellings recent reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood was canceled, however their new show, Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever is currently in production.

Tori admits that working in the entertainment business has lead to an unpredictable income, stating, “We’re in the entertainment business and things change year to year. We don’t have a series on the air right now, so we have to be more restrictive of what we can spend, just like anyone who doesn’t currently have a steady job.”

Spelling’s father, Aaron Spelling, was a hugely successful television and film producer who left his $600million fortune to his wife, and Tori’s mother, Candy when he died in 2006. Unfortunately though the pair have since fallen out so Candy is unlikely to assist her daughter, at the moment.

Do you feel sorry for the Spellings?

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